Creating and collaborating with renowned media and corporate brands  



Cleveland Clinic

At Cleveland Clinic, the number 2 hospital in the world, Kyle leads the corporate communication team’s digital strategy that drives local, national and international awareness. He’s transforming the organization’s digital approach to public relations to reach more consumers, media outlets and influencers. Kyle works with a team of 24 media managers, producers, writers, video editors, photographers and agency staff to create compelling stories and amplify them on digital platforms. In 1 year, the strategy drove 8.4 million owned social impressions, 1 million+ video views, 400+ stories in the media and 300,000+ story shares on social.


NBC’s Today

Kyle is honored to have spent nearly 7 years at NBC’s TODAY where he was a multi-platform storyteller and producer on the show’s digital and broadcast platforms. He lead Kathie Lee and Hoda's digital and social strategy, including managing, creating, producing and executing daily stories and multimedia content. He worked closely with the show's anchors, broadcast team and high-profile guests to organically grow more than 1.5 million fans to Kathie Lee and Hoda's digital platforms.

Kyle also appeared on the air bringing uplifting stories of hope to millions of viewers on the 10:00 hour with Kathie Lee and Hoda and Weekend TODAY.



Podcast Host

Kyle is the host of the Cleveland Clinic podcast “The Comeback” where he interviews patients who have overcome tremendous medical obstacles, along with their doctors who treated them. The patients tell their stories and offer hope and encouragement to other people facing similar trials in life.



On-Camera Host

As an energetic and engaging communicator, Kyle appears in front of the camera as a host and interviewer. He can be seen hosting uplifting videos and interviewing people with powerful stories for Hope Dealer. For the digital brand iHeartDogs, Kyle hosted a series of videos that published on the company’s Facebook page with more than 4 million followers.  While working for NBC’s TODAY Show, Kyle interviewed people for stories that aired on the broadcast and the show’s digital platforms. He also appeared live on set with the show’s anchors.



Digital Consulting + speaking

As a digital and social storytelling expert, Kyle has consulted and collaborated with the Dow Jones Media Group, AARP, FOX Sports Anchor Jenna Wolfe and mega churches to enhance and amplify their digital presence. He also has spoken at conferences and college campuses.


Hope Dealer

Kyle is the founder of Hope Dealer, a digital and social media storytelling platform. The purpose of Hope Dealer is to uplift and encourage people with powerful faith-filled stories that embody hope, resilience, strength and trust in God while journeying through life’s toughest challenges. Visit Hope Dealer to find out more.